The medicine contains as the main substance formaldehydeas well as additional components such as methyl cellulose, water-soluble and purified water.

Release form

Available as a colorless, odorless gel. formaldehyde.

Pharmachologic effect

Decline hyperhidrosis, disinfectant.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This tool suppresses the function of sweat glands, regardless of secretion. In addition, it has disinfecting properties.

Indications for use

Applied Formagel from hyperhidrosis armpits.


You can not use the drug with intolerancehim componentsas well as inflammatory skin diseases.

Side effects

Dry skin. If adverse reactions occur, the drug is temporarily discontinued. Dry skin can be eliminated with a softening cream.

Instructions for use Formagel (Method and dosage)

The drug is not intended for daily use. With frequent use, its therapeutic effect is not enhanced. So re-treatment with gel should be carried out only after the termination of its effect. It lasts, as a rule, 7-12 days. When expressed hyperhidrosis after consultation with a doctor, the drug can be used for 2-3 days in a row. When the effect disappears, the application can be repeated.

After shaving and hair removal, you can not use this tool. You need to wait at least one day, since its application can cause irritation.

It is also undesirable to apply the medicine to wet skin, as this prevents its access to the ducts of the sweat glands. Before applying the gel, wipe the skin well with a towel.

After application, the drug forms a thin film on the skin. But if you leave it for a long time, it can stick to clothes and lead to unpleasant sensations. Therefore, after 30-40 minutes after applying the gel, it must be washed off. Instructions for use Formagel does not recommend using soap, shower gel and other detergents.

It should be remembered that the drug reduces sweating on the palms, soles and in other places with dense skin. If applied to “thin” skin, it can lead to irritation. Even in the armpits, the instruction on Formagel advises leaving it for no more than 20 minutes.

Before using this product, it is advisable to rinse the skin. This will expand the ducts of the sweat glands and provide Formagel with better access to the scene.

The gel must be applied exclusively externally. It is necessary to ensure that the product does not get on the mucous membranes. After it has been washed off, you can apply talcum powder or ordinary baby powder.


An overdose of the drug can lead to skin irritation and allergic reactions. If a large amount of product gets on the skin, it is recommended to rinse it with running water without detergents.


Drug interaction with other agents is not described.

Terms of sale

It is sold in the pharmacy network without a prescription.

Storage conditions

The optimum temperature is 18-22 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

The drug has an expiration date of 5 years. You can not use it after this time.

Analogs of Formagel

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Naftalan oilNaftadermVinylinHydrogen peroxidePotassium permanganateIodoformPantocideBrilliant greenEtericideSodium TetraborateIchthyolMethylene BlueElecasolFormalinAseptolinXeroformVitaonOlazolFormidronOctenisept

In pharmacies, you can find the following analogues of Formagel:

  • Formalin;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Formidron.

Reviews about Formagel

Usually, doctors' comments about Formagel are positive. Dermatologists and pharmacists praise its quick action and affordable cost. Nevertheless, this remedy for sweating armpits is not suitable for everyone. Reviews of Formagel report that it often causes irritation or does not work the first time. So when using this gel, you need to be careful and carefully monitor whether there are any adverse reactions. It is very important to use the drug strictly according to the instructions.

Formagel price, where to buy

The cost of this drug in Russia is about 190 rubles. In turn, the price of Formagel in Ukraine is about 55 hryvnias. Pharmacists often recommend buying this tool to those who contacted a pharmacy about hyperhidrosis.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Formagel gel (treatment of excessive sweating) (tube 15g) 194 rub.

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  • Formagel gel 3.7% 15 GRETINOIDS, ZAO FNPP220 rub.order
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