Bisacodyl Pills contain as active substance bisacodylas well as the following auxiliary components: icing sugar, aerosil, polyvinylpyrrolidone low molecular weight medical, talc, oidragit L-100, lactose, MCC, wax, magnesium stearate.

Candles include bisacodyland additional components such as silicon dioxide, colloidal and solid fat.

Release form

Bisacodyl Suppositories for rectal administration and enteric-coated tablets.

Release forms such as Bisacodyl Hemofarm and Bisacodyl Acre. They are available in tablets and have a slightly different composition of additional components.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug contributes to irritation of the receptors of the colon mucosa and enhances peristalsis. It also helps in the removal of fluid and electrolytes into the intestinal lumen. Medicine blocks them reabsorption.

It is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In an alkaline environment is carried out hydrolysiswith the formation of a substance that irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Indications for use

Bisacodyl tablets and laxatives constipation, and also, if necessary, prepare the colon for medical research and operations.


Contraindications to the use of this tool are as follows: ileus, subileusproblems with water-electrolyte balance, neoplasm intestines, acute disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, constipation in case of intestinal polyposis.

Side effects

Coliform bowel disease, diarrhea. Nausea, a feeling of heaviness, pain in the abdomen are also possible, bloating, intestinal atony. In rare cases, mucus and blood may appear during bowel movements.

Instructions for use Bisacodyl (Method and dosage)

For those who take bisacodyl tablets, the instructions for use inform you that you need to do this orallyin the evening before bedtime. The initial dose for adults is 5 mg. If there is no proper effect, the dosage can be increased to 15 mg. Instructions for bisacodyl for children from 6 years old sets a dose of 5 mg.

Before surgery and medical research per day, take 10 mg of the drug per night.

If Bisacodyl suppositories are used, the instructions for use indicate that this drug should be used in dosages of 10-20 mg. For children from 8 years old, 10 mg should be used. And for children from 2 to 7 years of age, the use of the drug in a dose of 5 mg is indicated.

Laxative Bisacodyl Acry is administered orally before bedtime or half an hour before breakfast. For adults and children, dosages of 5-15 mg are shown. Children from 8 to 14 years old are given 5-10 mg. And for children from 2 to 7 years - 5 mg. The product must be swallowed whole, you can drink it with a certain amount of liquid, but do not chew it.

Before surgery, as well as medical research, take 2 tablets per day in the evening.

Instructions for use Bisacodyl Hemofarm provides the same dosage and dosage regimen.


With an overdose of the drug is possible diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. In this case, a rapid loss of trace elements, convulsions, muscle weakness, pathology of CVS.

Measures that help in the fight against dehydration and help to restore the balance of electrolytes will help to cope with the symptoms of an overdose.


Combination with antacidmedicines Ranitidine, Cimetidine, Omeprazole reduces laxative action and provokes irritation of the gastric mucosa, which is accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome.

Opiates, cholestyramine, psychotropic and anticholinergic drugs also reduce the effect of the drug.

Long-term course of bisacodyl together with cardiac glycosidesenhances the action of the latter.

Carbenoxolone, Hydrochlorothiazide, Prednisone, Methylprednisolone, Furosemide, Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone in combination with bisacodyl increase potassium loss in the body. Accordingly, a deficiency of this trace element may develop.

Terms of sale

The medicine is sold without a prescription, but it is advisable to consult a specialist before using it. From what Bisacodyl tablets will help in each case, only a doctor knows.

Storage conditions

You need to store the drug in a place well protected from sunlight. The temperature should be up to 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the drug is 5 years.

Bisacodyl for weight loss

Some people use bisacodyl for weight loss. In this case, however, it should be borne in mind that such a tool will not help to get rid of body fat. It only contributes to the elimination of toxins and toxins from the body, as well as improving the intestines. To some extent, weight is reduced, but this drug is by no means intended for weight loss.

Before you start using Bisacodyl, you need to have a good idea of ​​what it is and how to apply it. Otherwise, it is fraught with the fact that addiction can develop, and also various side effects (intestinal atony, etc.) will appear.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

This drug is almost not absorbed into the bloodstream. It does not have a toxic effect on the fetus and does not contribute to the contractile activity of the uterus. Thus, the drug can be taken with of pregnancy. For example, in the case constipationor the need to prepare the body for medical manipulation.

However, during pregnancy, this drug should be used with caution. It stimulates active peristaltic bowel movements, which can be a little painful. You need to prepare for such effects.

The drug is harmless to both the woman and the fetus, but do not abuse it. It should be used only if there is evidence and if other, more natural means do not have the desired effect.

It is advisable for pregnant women to use the medicine in the form suppositoryto minimize passage through the digestive tract. Suppositories and tablets should be used in usual dosages for adults. You need to start using the initial dose (1 suppository or tablet). If necessary, the next day it can be increased.

Reviews about Bisacodyl

Reviews about Bisacodyl may vary depending on the dosage form that is used.

Opinion on suppositoriesusually positive. Reviews of Bisacodyl suppositories report the rapid action of this drug. Those who used them note that laxativethe effect occurs within about 10-15 minutes after application. Even one candle, as a rule, causes active bowel movement.

Reviews on bisacodyl tablets also report that laxativethe effect is fast. But you need to take them with caution. Those who used them recommend starting the dose with a minimum dose, since the drug is potent.

Negative reviews are also found about tablets. People report strong side effects.

Bisacodyl for weight loss reviews receives a variety of. Those who used it with caution note that the tool helped to lose weight shortly before the holidays. On average, they get rid of about 2-3 kg. In this case, people took 1-2 tablets every other day for a short time (no more than 2 times in 7 days).

However, one often encounters stories of negative consequences. In this case, people, as a rule, used a laxative uncontrollably, as a result it negatively affected their health. Such reviews are usually left by girls who, along with the diet, took the drug every day, trying to empty their intestines to the maximum. As a result, the body loses not only slags, but also a lot of nutrients, develops dysbiosisan electrolyte imbalance appears, dehydration, intestinal atony. In the latter case, constant artificial stimulation becomes necessary for emptying. peristalsis. Moreover, the dosage of the drug has to be increased. So people who used it incorrectly report the development of a kind of addiction. Getting rid of him is not easy. So reviews about Bisacodyl as a means for losing weight are very often negative.

Bisacodyl price, where to buy

How much this drug costs depends on the form of release and the manufacturer. For laxatives Bisacodyl, the price, as a rule, is slightly above 20 rubles for a package of 10 pieces. The cost of 5 mg tablets (20 pieces per pack) from the Latvian company Grindeks is about 40 rubles. And the price of Bisacodyl tablets 5 mg, 30 pieces per pack from the Russian manufacturer Ozone LLC - about 15 rubles.

In turn, the price of Bisacodyl in Ukraine is as follows:

  • candles for constipation - about 6 hryvnia;
  • pills - 10-14 hryvnia.

This cost is considered very affordable among analogues.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Bisacodyl Tab. po ksh / solution 5mg n30Ozone OOO23 rub.order
  • Bisacodyl-nizhpharm supp. rect. 10mg n10Nizhfarm OAO45 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Bisacodyl (tab. N / a 5mg No. 30) 33 rub.order
  • Bisacodyl (tab. N / a 5mg No. 30) 24 rub.
  • Bisacodyl rectal suppositories 10mg No. 1053 rub.order
  • Bisacodyl rectal suppositories 10mg No. 1043 rub.order

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  • Bisacodyl-nizhpharm 10 mg No. 10 suppository. Nizhpharm AO46 rubles to order
  • Bisacodyl-hemopharm 5 mg No. 30 tab.Hemofarm concern A.D. 32 rub.order
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  • Bisacodyl 0.01 N10 rectal suppositories PAT Monfarm, Ukraine 10 UAH order
  • Bisacodyl-Darnitsa 0.005 g No. 30 tablets PrAT "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsya ", Ukraine 12 UAH order
  • Bisacodyl 10 mg No. 10 candles BAT "Nizhpharm", metro Nizhny Novgorod, Rosіyska Federatsiya30 UAH order
  • Bisacodyl No. 10 candles AT "Lekhim-Kharkiv", Ukraine 10 UAH order

Pani Pharmacy

  • BISACODIL suppository Bisacodyl suppository 10mg No. 10 Ukraine, Lekhim-Kharkov CJSC 11 UAH to order
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  • BISACODIL tablets Bisacodyl 5mg coated tablets No. 30 Bulgaria, Balkanpharma-Dupnitza 31 UAH order
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  • Bisacodyl 10 mg No. 10 sup.rekt.Farmaprim SRL (Moldova) 430 tg.order
  • Bisacodyl 5 mg No. 40 tablets Grindeks (Latvia) 685 tg.order
  • Bisacodyl 0.01 g No. 10 sup.rekt. Lekhim-Kharkov AO (Ukraine) 380 tg.order
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