The composition of 100 g of ointment includes the following active ingredients:

  • onion extract - 10 g;
  • heparin - 5000 IU (international units);
  • allantoin- 1 g.

As auxiliary substances are used:

  • sorbic acid;
  • perfume DROM 2700;
  • methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate;
  • polyethylene glycol 200;
  • purified water.

Release form

The pharmaceutical product at licensed points of sale comes in the form of a watery, light brown. gelfor external use in aluminum tubes of 20 or 50 g. A cardboard pack holds 1 tube and instructions for the use of the drug.

Pharmachologic effect

Ointment Contractubex has the following set of therapeutic properties:

  • antiproliferative;
  • smoothing;
  • emollient;
  • anti-inflammatory.

Biologically active substances contained in onion extractsignificantly reduce the release of local inflammatory mediators in the area of ​​application of the gel and slow down, and sometimes completely eliminate allergic manifestations. On the spot keloid scars, due to inhibition of the mitosis process and inhibition of the formation of extracellular matrix substances (mainly proteoglycans), the growth and reproduction of cellular elements is reduced, which allows you to control the growth of scar tissue.

Also inherent in the bow bactericidal effect on the skin, that is, the potential for infection of pathogenic or conditionally harmful is eliminated microflora. Thus, the risk of postoperative complications, possible suppuration at the site of a mechanical injury, a post-burn wound or other skin defects is reduced.

Key property of sodium salt heparindue to which the chemical compound is actively used in medicine, is its antithrombotic effect on the macro- and microcirculatory bed. However, in dermatology, this biological component is used in view of its antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory effects. That is, physiological mechanisms such as:

  • excessive reproduction of cellular and tissue structures of connective tissue;
  • the development of puffiness;
  • pain syndrome;
  • local temperature increase;
  • arterial hyperemia in the pathological focus.

Separately, it is worth noting that under the influence of heparin, saturation of the damaged skin with water improves, which is manifested in mitigating collagen-containing components and structures of replacement connective tissue. Such a therapeutic effect provides a cosmetic appearance of the scar, limited by the height of the skin, its elasticity and approaching the physical parameters of normal, intact skin.

AllantoinFirst of all, it accelerates the epithelization of the wound surface, that is, contributes to its rapid healing, due to which the entrance gate is closed for invasion of infectious pathogens, and healing takes place much faster. The keratolytic effect of the active component stimulates trophic processes, since their entry into places of increased need is facilitated. Also, the biologically active substance has an emollient property, that is, under its influence, itching and discomfort during tissue scarring are reduced.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In the course of clinical studies, it was found that Heparin, one of the active components of the drug, penetrates into the connective tissue within 4 hours in the amount necessary to provide therapeutic effects. The biochemistry of this process is promoted by bulb extract and Allantoin. Systemic absorption into the main bloodstream with topical application of the ointment is not observed.

Indications for use

  • hypertrophic or atrophic cicatricial growths;
  • joint ankylosis;
  • keloid scars;
  • Dupuytren's contracture in chronic alcoholic hepatitis;
  • cicatricial changes in the skin after acne or furunculosis;
  • traumatic tendon contractures;
  • skin deformities after burns;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy;
  • prevention of the formation of pathologically altered scars in the postoperative or post-traumatic period.


  • hereditary or acquired intolerance to the constituents of a pharmaceutical preparation;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • trichomycosis;
  • increased individual sensitivity to the active or auxiliary substances of the drug (including parabens);
  • male alopecia (baldness);
  • skin rashes in children.

Side effects

As a rule, even with prolonged use of the ointment, adverse effects are not observed, however, the following adverse reactions were noted in some patients:

  • By skin integument: itching (indicates structural restructuring of scar tissue) erythemaatrophy of normal skin, local hyperpigmentation, telangiectasias, hivesunpleasant sensations (burning, tension or irritation of the external integument), isolated papules.
  • By the immune system: local allergic manifestations according to the hypersensitivity reaction mechanism.
  • General violations: swellingand pain at the site of application of the pharmaceutical preparation.
  • Infectious skin lesions: shallow pustular eruptions.

Instructions for Contractubex (method and dosage)

The gel is used for external use. The medicine is applied to the skin defect with a small layer of 0.5 cm and rubbed until completely absorbed. The recommended area of ​​simultaneous use of the drug is 20-22 cm, and the frequency of such manipulation should be 2-3 times a day to provide the expected therapeutic effect. With newly formed scar tissue, a conservative course of treatment is 4 weeks.

Ointment Contractubex, instructions for use

In separately severe clinical cases, for example, with chronic scars, high density of connective tissue elements or Dupuytren's contracture You can increase the efficiency of using a pharmaceutical product with an occlusive dressing. First, it is impregnated with medicinal ointment and only then applied, it is recommended to do it at night, since the activity of reparative processes increases with the predominance of the parasympathetic system. With old or extremely dense scars, the course of conservative debridement should be extended to 6 months, and with a specific type of contracture, this should be extended for all 12 months.


There are no cases of drug overdose in the medical literature; if adverse effects of conservative treatment are manifested, you should immediately contact your doctor or a qualified dermatologist.


Ointment Kontraktubeks is fully compatible with other medicines of local and general type of action.

Terms of sale

OTC vacation.

Storage conditions

Gel Kontraktubeks should be stored in a dry place, inaccessible to children of a younger age category at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life

4 years.

Special instructions

During conservative measures to get rid of scar tissue that has formed recently, UV radiation, general or local exposure to cold and intensive massage should be avoided, as this can adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug ointment.

Analogs of Contractubecks

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:CarotolinD-PanthenolVulnuzanPanthenolKalanchoe juiceAloe linimentLevomekolPropolis tinctureAekolPantestin-DarnitsaDexpanthenolPantodermBepantenMethyluracil

A pharmaceutical ointment is not the cheapest on the market for cosmetics of this kind, because the bulk of attempts to replace it with another drug comes down to finding less expensive drugs in the form of gels or creams. Of course, for Kontraktubeks analogues exist cheaper, but the evidence of their therapeutic effect does not always reach the required level.

As a rule, in such situations, choose one of the following drugs: Aekol, Algofin, Vinylin, Vundehil, since the price of Kontraktubeks analogues from this list is significantly lower than the original drug.

Contractubex or Dermatics - which is better?

Dermatics is a silicone gel to prevent the formation of scar tissue, which consists of a mixture of polymer organic compounds based on silicon. Its therapeutic effects consist in maintaining a physiologically normal water balance of the skin, smoothing and reducing the protruding parts of dense connective tissue. Also pigmentation is eliminated skin and unpleasant itching, usually accompanying fibroblast proliferation.

Dermatix, like Kontraktubeks, does not completely get rid of an unpleasant, sometimes disfiguring defect of the skin, however, as a palliative measure, it has a good therapeutic effect. It should be noted that Dermatics is easy to apply even on complex skin areas (including articular surfaces and face) and dries quickly.

Contractubex or Mederma - which is better?

Mederma- This is a pharmaceutical preparation similar in composition to the medicinal ointment Kontraktubeks, but having its own unique features, which allows to realize slightly different therapeutic properties. The main effects of Mederma are fibrinolyticand anti-inflammatory, respectively, the drug is more appropriate to use for acne or acne, the effects of laser resurfacing or cryotherapy, the elimination of minor damage to the skin.

Mederma is appointed and to eliminate hypertrophic sites, keloid scars in post-traumatic and postoperative care, however, like Contractubex, the pharmaceutical product does not have an evidence base for the effectiveness of such use from the point of view of traditional medicine.

For children

Acne traction contractubex can also be used in pediatric practice, since this problem is very common in adolescence, both in girls and boys, and the pharmaceutical product is generally well tolerated by young skin. With a short application as a conservative measure of getting rid of unpleasant, and sometimes ugly, pathological foci, side effects practically do not develop.

With alcohol

The active components of the pharmaceutical preparation are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, therefore, they cannot interact with the products metabolism alcohol products.

During pregnancy and lactation

The drug is not absorbed into the regional bloodstream, cannot be distributed by the main vessels, therefore it does not have systemic therapeutic or side effects. Accordingly, the external use of ointment with pregnancyIt does not pose a potential threat to the health of the developing child or to the mother's body.

As a rule, a pharmaceutical drug is used by young women as a cream for stretch marks, a common problem the postpartum period. However, clinical studies have proven its low effectiveness in eliminating these skin defects.

At breastfeedingas in pregnancy, Kontraktubeks ointment is not forbidden to use, but indications for rational conservative therapy should be consulted by a qualified dermatologist, because there are skin defects that cannot be corrected by gels or similar medicines.

Contractubex Reviews

Reviews about Kontraktubeks amaze with its diversity. There is a category of patients who consider this pure water drug to be a swindle by pharmaceutical companies in order to earn material wealth. And another group to whom Kontraktubeks helped to get rid of unpleasant skin defects in a short time. Therefore, reviews of medicinal ointment should be approached very critically.

The drug is effective in almost all cases of conservative debridement of residual spots after chickenpox, since they are inflammatory hyperpigmented areas of the skin, and not scars, as many ordinary people think. The active components of Kontraktubeks ointment can improve local blood circulation and eliminate signs of the inflammatory process, and accordingly remove the effects of the transferred nosological unit.

You can verify the therapeutic effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drug by looking first at the photo before and after undergoing a course of conservative treatment:

Reviews of ointment Kontraktubeks by qualified dermatologists question the effectiveness and evidence of the use of this pharmaceutical drug. Of course, as a cream for acne in adolescence, the drug copes well with its task and specialists can even recommend it for everyday use in the treatment of adolescents. However, speaking about scar tissue and how to eliminate it, experts are unanimous in their opinion - not a single ointment can save this problem.

The gel from scars after acne or connective tissue formations of a different origin has antiproliferative and other useful therapeutic effects, but already formed tissue can be removed only surgically using traditional methods or by laser operations.

Stains after acne, which do not represent scar tissue, do not need to be disposed of at all. They pass by themselves within a week if the pustule was small in size and was not opened with "artisanal" methods. Otherwise, as in the process of getting rid of scars, the use of Kontraktubeksa is not very effective, although there are few reviews that the therapeutic ointment really helped, but reliable evidence from the medical side does not follow such statements.

Reviews of the Contractubex with stretch marks in the postpartum period also cannot be considered seriously from the point of view of qualified specialists. On a histological examination, a stretch is a dense connective tissue, which is formed due to the rapid increase in the size of a pregnant woman’s abdomen. Accordingly, conservative methods of treating the adverse effects of bearing a child are ineffective.

A similar situation with scars after cesarean section. Only the surgeon is able to give a cosmetic appearance to the female abdomen during surgical manipulation using a special technique for comparing the edges of the wound and applying an intradermal suture. But this technique requires considerable skills and professional skills, and also involves certain risks, which allows the use of this type of seams only in certain cases.

Another female problem when using Contractubex medicinal ointment is synechia - This is a pathological condition, which is the adhesion of the labia minora. The origin of this nosological unit is not fully understood. At the moment, there is an opinion among qualified specialists that such a disease is a consequence of the low level of female sex hormones (estrogens).

With synechia of a mild degree of development of the pathological process, treatment is not necessary, since this age-related feature of the female body tends to resolve itself with the onset of puberty, when biologically active substances increase their concentration several times. If the nosological unit is accompanied by a violation of the outflow of urine or infection of the labia minora, then the rational use of hormonal drugs based on estrogen. Kontraktubeks is not included in the group of these pharmaceutical preparations, and, accordingly, it turns out to be practically useless with synechia.

Kontraktubeksa's price where to buy

The price of Contractubecks in Ukraine varies significantly from the place of purchase of the pharmaceutical product. So Donetsk, a large eastern center of the country, proposes to lay out 260 hryvnias for ointment from scars. And the nearby Kharkov is somewhat more profitable, because a cream in an aluminum tube of 20 g can be bought here for 220 hryvnias. In the western part of the state, the cost of all pharmaceuticals is lower, so you can buy Kontraktubeks for 180 hryvnias.

How much does a cream from stretch marks and scars in your city cost in a pharmacy, you should find out in advance using the Internet or telephone help desks. Licensed points of sale are interested in each buyer, respectively, individually can offer a price slightly lower than the market.

The price of Contractubecks on the territory of the Russian Federation, unlike Ukraine, practically does not differ throughout the country. In average pharmacy kiosks, the price of Kontraktubeks gel ranges from 550 to 790 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


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