One tablet of Trigan-D contains 500 mg paracetamol20 mg dicycloverin hydrochloride.

Additional substances: microcrystalline cellulose, starch, polyvinylpyrrolidone, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Release form

White tablets are flat, round in shape, with beveled sides and serifs on one edge.

10 tablets in a blister or strip, two blisters or ten strips in a pack of paper.

Pharmachologic effect

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antipyretic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

There is no information about Trigan-D on Wikipedia, and the interested category of people has questions "Trigan-D, what is it?" or "What is Trigan-D?"

The first component is paracetamol: It has antipyretic, analgesicand weak anti-inflammatoryEffect. Depressing cyclooxygenase the first and second types in the nervous system and other tissues, as a result, synthesis stops prostaglandins - mediators of pain, regulation of body temperature and inflammation.

The second component is dicycloverine hydrochloride: possesses small non-selective m-anticholinergic and myotropic antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle cells of internal organs. In therapeutic doses, it has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles that are not accompanied atropine-like side effects.

The combined use of these two components allows for the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues of internal organs and relief of sensations of pain.


It is well absorbed from the intestine. The maximum concentration in the blood is fixed after one hour. Paracetamoltransforms in the liver with the formation of a number of metabolites, one of them N-acetyl-benzoquinomine may be harmful to the kidneys and liver. 80% of the drug is excreted by the kidneys and in a small amount with feces.

Indications for use

Indications for use (for which tablets Trigan-D are usually used):

  • spasm smooth muscle internal organs;
  • algodismenorea;
  • hepatic, intestinalor renal colic;
  • neuralgia;
  • toothbrush either headache;
  • myalgia;
  • fever at infectious and inflammatory diseases.


  • Sensitization to paracetamol or dicycloverine.
  • Stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer.
  • Bowel disease complicated by obstruction.
  • Hypovolemic shock.
  • Reflux esophagitis.
  • Myasthenia gravis.
  • Lactation and pregnancy.
  • Age less than 15 years.

Components of the drug in patients with impaired liver or kidney glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, glaucomablood diseases hyperbilirubinemia, viral hepatitis, alcoholismand in old age can worsen the course of these diseases, from which tablets Trigan-D in this category of persons should be used with extreme caution.

Side effects

  • Reactions from the digestive system: perversion of taste, stomach pain, decreased appetite, increased content liver enzymes, constipation, hepatonecrosis.
  • Reactions from the nervous system: dizziness, drowsiness, excitement and disorientation.
  • Allergic reactions: Quincke's edema, rash, hives, Stevens-Johnson syndrome itching, Lyell's syndrome.
  • Reactions from the hormonal system: hypoglycemia.
  • Reactions from the excretory system: interstitial nephritis, urinary retention pyuria, papillary necrosisdecreased potency.
  • Reactions from the hematopoietic system: methemoglobinemia, hemolytic anemia.
  • Reactions from the point of view: mydriasis accommodation paralysis, blurred vision, increased intraocular pressure.

Trigan-D tablets, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Instructions for use on Trigan-D recommends using the drug inside by 1 tablet up to three times a day. The largest single dose is two tablets, daily - four tablets. Duration of admission is not more than five days when used as an analgesic and three days as an antipyretic.

It is not advisable to exceed the daily dose, since an overdose of the drug causes liver failure, for which Trigan-D (if it is necessary to increase the dose or increase the standard duration of treatment) should be used under the supervision of a doctor.


Overdose of Trigan-D, symptoms: tachypnea, tachycardia, fever, cramps, agitation, pain in the stomach, loss of appetite, thrombocytopenia, anemia, nephrotoxicity, hemolyticor aplastic anemia, pancytopenia, methemoglobinemia, hepatonecrosis.

Therapy: stop using the drug, perform gastric lavage, take adsorbentseducational stimulants glutathione(eg, acetylcysteineintravenously) and activating processes conjugation(methionine).


Effects dicycloverin stimulate amantadine, antipsychotic drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs first class benzodiazepines, narcotic painkillers, MAO inhibitors, sympathomimetics, nitrates, nitrites, tricyclic antidepressants.

Dicycloverin increases content dioxin in blood.

Microsomal Oxidation Amplifiers (ethanol, barbiturates, rifampicin, tricyclic antidepressants) stimulate synthesis hydroxylated metabolites in the liver, this can lead to the development of severe intoxication even with weak overdoses paracetamol.

Microsomal Oxidation Inhibitors reduce the possibility of occurrence hepatotoxic actions.

Adrenostimulants and anticholinergics increase the risk of unwanted effects.

Paracetamolactivates the action indirect anticoagulants.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

  • Store in a dry, dark place.
  • Observe the temperature regime up to 25 degrees.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

Three years.

Special instructions

During treatment with the drug should refrain from driving a car.


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Duspatalin, Mebsin Retard, Morease SR, Trimspa.

For children

Forbidden to persons under the age of 15 years.

With alcohol

Paracetamol It is forbidden to combine with the intake of alcohol in order to avoid toxic damage to the liver. The risk of liver damage increases in individuals with alcoholic hepatosis.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

It is forbidden to use the drug during these periods.

Reviews about Trigan-D

According to reviews, the tool helps to effectively relieve cramping and pain in the vast majority of cases.

The narcotic effect of Trigan-D and its use as a drug by cleansing paracetamol. As a result, after using the resulting substance, side effects from the psyche and the nervous system, called the "arrival", occur. You should know that this is an extremely harmful effect, which can lead to irreparable consequences. In specialized forums, questions like "how to repel paracetamolfrom Trigan to get the drug? ". We strongly advise you not to engage in such experiments with drugs and your body.

Price Trigan-D, where to buy

The average price of Trigan D No. 100 in Ukraine is 302 hryvnias, and in Russia - 316 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine


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  • Trigan-d tab. 500mg n100Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 313 rub. Order
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  • Trigan tablets Trigan-D tablets. №100 India, Cadila 140 UAH to order
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