The tablet contains the active ingredient - Mesterolone.

Additional components: lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, corn starch, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, polyvidone 25000, propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

Release form

Proviron is available in tablets, packed in 20 pieces per bottle.

Pharmachologic effect

The drug has androgenicaction.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

When taking this drug, the lack of production is compensated androgen - male sex hormones, stimulating their development and erythropoiesis, improving libido, potencyshowing anabolic qualities.

Thus, the treatment of conditions caused by a deficiency or lack of autogenous production of androgens is carried out. Strict adherence to the prescribed dosages does not adversely affect spermatogenesis. It is noted that this drug is also well tolerated by the liver.

Indications for use

Proviron is prescribed to men with:

  • psycho-vegetative disorders and decreased performance in middle-aged and elderly patients;
  • potency disorders;
  • decreased gonadal function - hypogonadism;
  • infertilitycaused by oligospermia and lack of Leydig cells;
  • aplastic anemia and so on.


The drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity, prostate cancer, liver tumors.

Side effects

Sometimes, with Proviron treatment, a frequent and prolonged erection can occur, which normalizes after a dose reduction or drug withdrawal.

Instructions for Proviron (Method and dosage)

As the instructions for Proviron indicate, you need to take the tablets inside, in general form. Usually, a daily dose of 25 mg is prescribed to be taken 1-3 times. To improve the quality and increase the number of sperm, it is recommended to take 50-75 mg daily. The course of treatment is one cycle of spermatogenesis or 90 days.

Wikipedia and Sportwiki contain detailed information - how to take this drug in a particular case. However, experts strongly recommend that you do not start treatment on your own.

How to take Proviron in bodybuilding

Quite often, this drug is used in bodybuilding. In this case, the average daily dose for men on the course is 50 mg, which are divided into two doses, preferably after a meal. Do not take the drug in high doses, as this can cause unwanted effects. If the use of this drug leads to a prolonged erection, which causes inconvenience and pain, then the dose is reduced or altogether stopped taking these tablets.

Especially actively used in bodybuilding Proviron Ver during pre-competition training. It is assumed that this will increase the hardness of the muscles and give it a bump. Moreover, this tool is also used by female bodybuilders who seek to give their muscles a special density. Usually they use significantly reduced doses, but not all adhere to this.


Proviron is considered a non-toxic drug, so single cases of overdose are not able to cause the development of adverse events. Prolonged use of the drug in high doses enhances its effectiveness, which can have unpleasant consequences.


There is no information on the interaction of Proviron with other drugs.

Special instructions

The intake of androgens is not recommended for healthy people who want to strengthen muscles or increase the overall physical functionality of the body.

This drug is prescribed strictly to male patients. In the process of treatment, periodic monitoring of the activity of the prostate gland is required.

The use of hormonal drugs can cause the development of benign, and in rare cases, malignant changes in the liver. In isolated cases, this caused dangerous bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Therefore, when pain occurs in the abdomen, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Terms of sale

Prescription medicine.

Storage conditions

Storage of these tablets requires a dry and cool place, protected from children.

Shelf life

5 years.


The main analogues are drugs Mesterolone and Proviron Ver. In addition, a similar effect has Tamoxifen. The price of analogues in a pharmacy varies between 900-2500 rubles.

Which is better - Clomid or Proviron?

As you know, Proviron and Clomid - These are antiestrogens, but each of them has a different effect.

At reception Clomid certain tissues are stimulated, which causes the release of gonadotropic and other hormones. This allows you to restore and level up. testosterone.

Proviron lowers aromatase- an enzyme that converts steroid hormones into estrogens, which inhibits this process.

This leads to the accumulation of testosterone in plasma. However, after the course, the level of testosterone is able to decrease again, that is, this medicine gives only a temporary effect.


Alcohol abuse when taking these pills can cause severe disruptions in the liver.

Reviews of Proviron

To a greater extent, reviews about Proviron are extensive discussions about how to take the drug to bodybuilders. Professionals in this field report that using it as an anabolic steroid is useless. Therefore, tablets are usually used to suppress estrogens - female sex hormones that cause gynecomastia in athletes - the growth of the mammary glands. There are reviews reporting that this drug has a greater effect than other bodybuilder remedies.

In any case, it is not always possible to simultaneously maintain a state of health and build huge muscles. A gross hormonal imbalance always leads to serious consequences. Even when it is possible to increase the external attractiveness, it is quite difficult to maintain the body in a normal state. For this reason, it is allowed to take such drugs only according to the indications after the appointment of a doctor.

Proviron price, where to buy

In discussions on forums, the question often arises: where to buy Proviron in Moscow? In fact, this is not difficult at all. If you can’t buy Proviron at a pharmacy, you can order it at an online pharmacy.

The price of Proviron in Russia is 1100-1500 rubles.

Proviron Ver from the Vermoge company is mainly distributed in Ukraine.

  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


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  • Proviron tablets Proviron tablets 25mg No. 20 Germany, Bayer Weimar 437 UAH order
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  • Proviron 25 mg No. 20 tablets Bayer Schering Pharma AG, produced by Schering GibX and Co productions KG (Germany) 5 tg.
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