Human immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis


Tick-borne immunoglobulinIt contains an immunologically active fraction of the protein, which is isolated from donor serum or plasma. It contains antibodies tick-borne virus specific encephalitis. To obtain protein, plasma is used, which is obtained from the blood of healthy donors who have been tested for the absence of antibodies to the virus hepatitis C, HIV. Glycine (aminoacetic acid) is used as a stabilizer. Preservatives and antibiotics as part of the drug is not.

Release form

Tick-borne encephalitis immunoglobulin is available as a clear or slightly opalescent liquid. It can be completely colorless or have a faint yellow tint. When stored, a small precipitate may appear in it, which disappears after shaking. The solution is contained in 1 ml ampoules, 10 of these ampoules are in the package.

Pharmachologic effect

As an active ingredient in this medicine contains immunoglobulinsbelonging to class G, with the activity of antibodies that can neutralize tick-borne encephalitis virus in the body. The medicine increases the level of resistance of the body, has non-specific activity.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The highest level of antibody concentration in the blood is observed 24-48 hours after the drug was administered to the patient. The half-life of antibodies is 4-5 weeks.

Indications for use

Human immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis is prescribed for the necessary emergency prevention, as well as the treatment of tick-borne encephalitis. Assigned to children and adults.


You can not give an immunoglobulin injection from a tick if the following diseases and conditions occur:

  • serious manifestationallergic reactions on the administered blood products;
  • allergic diseases (asthma, atopic dermatitis);
  • the presence in the history of severe allergic reactions to certain allergens (in this case, it is allowed to administer the drug while taking antihistamines);
  • systemic diseases, the origin of which is associated with immunopathological mechanisms (you can enter the drug only against the background of appropriate treatment).

Side effects of an immunoglobulin anti-tick-borne

With the introduction of the drug, as a rule, no negative effects are noted. The following side effects may rarely occur:

  • increase in body temperature;
  • hyperemia and pain in the place where the dose of immunoglobulin was introduced with a tick bite;
  • allergic manifestations, very rarely -anaphylactic shock.

Instructions for Immunoglobulin anti-tick-borne (Method and dosage)

Intramuscular administration of the drug is provided. You can not administer the drug intravenously. The instruction for Immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis also provides for the need to withstand the solution for two hours at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. In the process of opening the ampoule and administering the drug, you must strictly adhere to the requirements of antiseptics and asepsis. In order to prevent the appearance of foam, the agent must be typed into the syringe with a needle that has a wide clearance.

Do not store the solution in an ampoule that has been opened. You can not use the drug if the labeling or integrity has been violated.

For the purpose of prevention introduced to the person who was bitten by a tick. First of all, the drug is administered to people who have not been vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis, as well as to those who have not received a full course of vaccination. It is necessary to introduce the drug as soon as possible after the time that the infection supposedly occurred, but no later than 4 days later

It is also possible to administer the drug before the alleged contact with tick-borne encephalitis virus. The protective effect is noted after 24-48 hours, the protection is valid for four weeks. If necessary, after four weeks, you can re-enter the Encephalitis Immunoglobulin. For prevention, the practice of administering the medicine once at the rate of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of human weight.

After a tick bite for treatment, you need to enter the drug as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms of the disease. With the erased and abortive form of tick-borne encephalitis, 0.1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of weight is administered every day for 3 -5 days. At least 21 ml of Immunoglobulin should be introduced into the course of treatment.

Patients with a meningeal form of the disease the product is found every day at 0.1 ml per 1 kg of weight every 10-12 hours for at least 5 days, until the general condition improves. With this form of infection, the total dose of the drug should be at least 70 ml.

With a focal form of tick-borne encephalitis 0.1 ml per 1 kg of body weight is administered every day every 8-12 hours. Treatment lasts at least 5-6 days until the person's condition is stabilized. The course of treatment should include a total dose of 80-130 ml of the drug. If the course of the disease is very severe, you can increase the dose to 0.15 ml per 1 kg of weight


There is no data on an overdose of this drug.


Human immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitisBut it can be used simultaneously with other drugs, however, the drug must be administered separately, without mixing with other medicines.

Active immunization using live viral vaccines is permissible only after three months after the last administration of Immunoglobulin.

You should adhere to an interval of at least 4 weeks between the administration of the drug and subsequent vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.

Terms of sale

You can buy prescription medicine.

Storage conditions

You should protect the drug from children, storing it at a temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius in a dark and dry place. Do not freeze the solution.

Shelf life

You can store 2 years. Do not use after expiration date.

Special instructions

In order to prevent the development of pronounced local reactions at the injection site of Immunoglobulin, you can distribute the dose to several parts of the body at once.

Patients who receive an injection should be under the supervision of a specialist for half an hour. In this case, the doctor should have access to antishock agents.

The ability to drive vehicles and adequately concentrate attention is not affected by the drug.

For children

Children Immunoglobulin with a tick bite is prescribed in the appropriate dosage if indicated. In what dose to administer the drug to children, it is determined exclusively by a specialist.

During pregnancy and lactation

No safety data available during of pregnancy and feeding.


The reviews about this medicine are about the effectiveness of the drug. When treated with this agent, the symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis quickly become less pronounced.

The price of Immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis, where to buy

The cost of Immunoglobulin with a tick bite is on average 600 rubles per 1 ampoule, that is, it is quite high. It is possible to buy Immunoglobulin anti-tick-borne in Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia at a price of 5400 rubles for 10 ampoules. It turns out that it is more profitable to buy packaging right away. You can find out more precisely how much Immunoglobulin costs from a tick at the nearest medical institution.

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