Composition of Plantex

One sachet (5 grams) contains 2.4 mg fennel essential oiland 250 mg fennel fruit extract.

Additional substances: acacia gum, anhydrous dextrose, lactose.

The composition for newborns is identical to the composition for adults.

Release form

The drug is a light brown, small granules for the preparation of a solution for oral administration (tea) with the aroma of fennel for children.

5 grams (1 dose) of such granules in a sachet, ten such sachets in a pack of paper.

Pharmachologic effect

Possesses antispasmodic action, stimulates digestion, suppresses gas formation.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


A herbal preparation (tea) that reduces gas formation and stimulates digestion. Essential oil and fennel fruits stimulate peristalsis and intestinal secretion of gastric juice. As a result, food is digested and absorbed faster. The active components of the drug prevent the accumulation of gases and improve their discharge, demonstrate antispasmodic act.


There is no data on the pharmacokinetics of this drug.

Indications for use

For the treatment and prevention of spastic pain in the intestine with unexpressed digestive disorders, transition from breastfeeding on regular nutrition in newborns and older children.


  • Galactosemia.
  • Lactase deficiency.
  • Galactose Absorption Disorder or glucose.
  • Hypersensitivity to fennel or other components of the drug.

Side effects

Possible reactions hypersensitivity.

Instructions for use Plantex (method and dosage)

The instructions for Plantex for infants and children up to one year prescribe to take the drug at 1-2 sachets per day in several doses; for children 1-4 years old - 3 sachets per day, several receptions. The drug is taken after or with food.

How to give this drug to a newborn?

The contents of one bag are poured into a bottle, add about 100 ml of warm water and mix until the granules are completely dissolved.


There are no data on cases of overdose.


There are no data on clinically significant interactions with other pharmaceuticals.

Terms of sale

Sold without a prescription.

Storage conditions

  • Store at temperatures up to 24 degrees.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

Two years.

Special instructions

The drug does not affect the ability to drive a car.


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Plantex analogues: Fennel (full analogue), Bobotik, Gastritol "Dr. Klein", Dysflatil, Dicetel, Infakol, Carminativum Bebinos, Colicidum, Cuplaton, Meteospasmil, Romazulan, Sub Simplex, Enterospasmil, Espicolis Baby, Espumisan, Espumisan Bebi.

Plantex for newborns

When making the solution, it is forbidden to add sweeteners to Plantex. For newborns, a freshly prepared solution is used. Pediatricians usually prescribe it to prevent the occurrence or relief of intestinal colic and bloating.

How to breed Plantex for newborns is described in the section "Instructions for use". If necessary, tea for newborns Plantex can be replaced by its full counterpart Plantex Sandoz for newborns. Reviews about the drug note the plant composition as a virtue, and a high price as a disadvantage.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

Due to the lack of data on the effects of the drug, its use during of pregnancy and lactation should be limited.

Plantex Reviews

Reviews about Plantex for newborns often report a lack of effect from the use of the drug, sometimes about the occurrence of side effects (mainly phenomena dyspepsia and allergic reactions) Also, the dissatisfaction of patients is caused by the excessively high price of the drug.

Plantex price, where to buy

In Ukraine, the average price of Plantex in pharmacies No. 1 is close to 62 hryvnias, and the price of Plantex for newborns No. 10 is 68 hryvnias. Buy tea in Russia will cost 256-357 rubles.

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  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Plantex gran. d / r internal 5g n30Lek d.d.556 rub. Order
  • Plantex gran. d / r internal 5g n10Lek d.d.346 rub. Order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Plantex (gran. D / pr. Reg. 5g No. 30) 608 rubles to order
  • Plantex (gran. D / pr. Reg. 5g No. 10) 314 rubles to order

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  • Plantex granules 5 g No. 10 sachetsLek Pharma140 rub.order
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  • Plantex Sandoz 5 g №10 granules Lek pharmaceutical company d.d., Slovenia97 UAH order

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  • Plantex sandoz Plantex 5g No. 10 Slovenia, Lek 112 UAH to order
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