Vacta for children and adolescents contains 25 IFA units (per 0.5 ml) inactivated virus hepatitis A + auxiliary elements (sodium tetraborate, aluminum hydroxide, possible to detect traces formaldehyde).

Adult Vaccine Contains 50 IFA units (per 1 ml) inactivated virus hepatitis A+ sodium tetraborate, traces of formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide.

Release form

The product is released in vials of 0.5 or 1 ml of clear glass or in disposable syringes of the same capacity. In cardboard packs of 1, 10, 25 or 100 bottles, 1 disposable syringe.

Suspension for administration intramuscularly - slightly opalescent liquid. Over time, part of the vaccine precipitates (white, uniform), and the other part becomes a colorless transparent liquid. After shaking, the appearance and structure of the suspension is restored.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The vaccine is obtained by growing the virus on the cells. fibroplasts person (MRS-5) The virus is then cleaned and inactivated with formalin. Then received micropreparation adsorb on aluminum hydroxide.

Immunization is carried out in 2 stages, stage vaccination and revaccination.

Within 2 weeks after the procedure, about 97% of vaccinees receive a stable immunity to the virus hepatitis A.

Immunity after vaccination, Vacta persists for 6 years.

Indications for use

Vacta is used to prevent development viral hepatitis BUT in adults, adolescents and children over 2 years old.


Vaccination should not be done if:

  • after the previous injection of the drug, a pronounced reaction was observed, the temperature rose above 40 degrees, at the injection site hyperemia more than 8 centimeters;
  • in a patient allergy on the components of the product;
  • the patient exacerbated a chronic disease or a new one;
  • after the first introduction developed anaphylactoid or anaphylactic reaction.

Side effects

In children and adolescents from 2 to 17, it is possible:

  • temperature increase to 38, 8 degrees;
  • pain in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • pharyngitis, headachevarious respiratory infections laryngitis;
  • level up liver enzymesprotein in the urine eosinophilia;
  • soreness hyperemia at the injection site, swelling and hemorrhage under the skin.

In adults, the incidence of adverse reactions is slightly higher than in children and adolescents.

The following side effects were observed:

  • weakness, fever, fatigue;
  • stomach ache, diarrheavomiting and nausea;
  • pain in the back, arms, muscles, stiffness in movements;
  • pain, swelling, a feeling of heat and burning, hemorrhage at the injection site;
  • nasal congestion, upper infection. respiratory tract, dizziness, and headache;
  • failures in menstrual cycle;
  • hivesskin rashes and itching.

Reactions of fever and pain at the injection site were observed within 5 days after vaccination. In the remaining 14 days, systemic reactions may occur.

Instructions for use of the drug Vacta (method and dosage)

The vaccine is exclusively suitable for intramuscular introduction. It is best to administer the drug to deltoid muscle. It is strictly forbidden to inject the product intravenously, subcutaneously or VK.

Immunizationcarried out in 2 stages: vaccination and revaccination.

For children and adolescents, a single dose is 0.5 ml (which corresponds to 25 Units vaccines). Six months or 18 months later, produce revaccination the same amount of funds.

For adults, during vaccination, the dosage is 50 units. Booster vaccination produced after 6 months in the same dosage.

The drug does not need to be diluted and prepared in any way for use.

Shake the bottle before use until a homogeneous liquid forms inside.


Cases of overdose are not described.


It is not recommended to combine Vacta with other types of vaccines. An exception is the vaccine against yellow fever and typhoid fever(inactivated vaccine). There is no interaction between these drugs.

Terms of sale

A prescription may be required to purchase the product.

Storage conditions

Temperature condition: from 2 to 8 degrees. Do not freeze.

Shelf life

3 years.

Special instructions

If vaccination was given during incubation period (from 20 to 50 days), then the patient may become ill hepatitis A.

The use of the drug in persons with malignant neoplasmswith reduced immunity (from reception immunosuppressants), the expected reaction of the body may not occur.

The product does not protect against other types hepatitis A.

During the administration of the drug, it is necessary to remember the possibility of development anaphylactic or anaphylactoid reaction, keep ready a set for her stopping.

If the patient urgently needs to go to the area epidemics, or if he was in contact with the pathogen, perhaps a quick administration of the vaccine with immunoglobulin in different parts of the body without mixing drugs.

The safety and effectiveness of using the product for children under 2 years of age have not been established.


Havrix, Avaxim, Vaccine hepatitis A, HEP-A-in-HAC.

During pregnancy and lactation

No studies have been conducted on the effect of the drug on the reproductive function and development of the fetus.

Perhaps the drug is excreted in breast milk, so it is not recommended to vaccinate during breastfeeding.


There are few reviews about the drug. Experts note the high quality of the vaccine, it can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Of the adverse reactions, body temperature rises most often.


The approximate cost of 10 Vacta vaccine ampoules of 25 units is 8300 rubles.

The price of Vakta, 50 PIECES, 10 pieces - 5600 rubles.

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