The composition of 1 ml of 4% solution (eye drops) includes 40 mg taurineas an active ingredient.

Auxiliary ingredients:

  • 1 mg methylparaben;
  • 1 M sodium hydroxide solution (until a pH of 5.0 - 6.5 is reached);
  • purified water (to obtain 1 ml of solution).

Release form

The drug Taufon is available in the form of eye drops:

  • in a dropper tube of 1.5 ml; 2 ml or 5 ml, one package can hold 1; 2; four; 5; 10 tube droppers;
  • in 5 ml or 10 ml dropper bottles, one package can hold 1 or 2 dropper bottles;
  • in 5 ml bottles, one package can hold 1 or 5 bottles.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Taufon eye drops include the active ingredient - taurinewhich is sulfonic acid(sulfur-containing amino acid) formed during the transformation process cysteine in the body. Taurinetakes an active part in stimulating reparationsand regenerationat dystrophic diseases of the organs of vision, as well as in pathologies accompanied by acute violation of metabolic processes in the tissues of the eye.

Taufon eye drops normalize functionality cell membranesactivate metabolic and energy processes, preserve cytoplasmic electrolyte balance due to the accumulation of calcium and potassium ions, improve transmission nerve impulse.

Due to its topical application, taufon drops have a low systemic absorption.

Indications for use

  • corneal dystrophy;
  • cataracts(senile, radiation, traumatic and others);
  • open angle glaucoma(primary) in combination with β-blockers, in order to enhance the output of aqueous humor;
  • corneal lesions (as a stimulant of reparative cellular processes).

All indications for drops suggest their use in combinatorial therapy.


  • hypersensitivityto taurine or additional ingredients;
  • age up to 18 years.

Side effects

Identified drug side effects are limited. allergic manifestations. In case of severe and / or prolonged allergic reactions, you should temporarily suspend therapy and report the problem to your doctor.

Instructions for use Taufon

At cataracts, eye drops Taufon, the instruction for use recommends use in the form of installations (instillation in the eyes). Assign 2-4 installations per day, 1-2 drops in each problem eye, for three months. Repeated treatment is carried out with an interval of 30 days.

At dystrophic pathologies and injuries(damage) cornea, the dosage and duration of therapy correspond to that with cataracts.

At open angle glaucoma in combination with Timolol, Proxodololand other similar β-blockers, appoint 1-2 drops for the eyes, 2 times a day. The use of Taufon is carried out 15-20 minutes before one of the β-blockers, for 1.5 months, with a further break, between treatment courses, for 14 days.


Due to insufficient systemic absorption, overdose cases were not observed.


In patients suffering open angle glaucoma a significant increase in the hypotensive effects of β-blockers (Proxodolol, Timololand others) in case of combined use with Taufon.

Strengthening the effect of the drug is achieved by reducing the release of aqueous humor and increasing the degree of ease of outflow.

Terms of sale

Taufon may be dispensed without a prescription.

Storage conditions

The drug in a dropper tube should be stored at temperatures up to 15 ° C, in vials and dropper bottles up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

In a dropper tube, droplets remain for 2 years, in dropper bottles for 3 years, in bottles for 4 years.

After opening any of the primary packages, its contents should be used within 1 month.

Analogs of Taufon

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:Cystein UltraSystein gelSystein balanceOkoferonChilozar ChestHilo DresserVizin Pure TearRestasisThiotriazolineKatalinQuinaxMyrtilene ForteEmoxy opticianAdgelonVita YodurolNatural tearArtificial TearOptivOftolikBalarpan

In the absence of the drug in the pharmacy or sensitivity to its ingredients, you may be offered the following Taufon analogues:

  • Adgelon;
  • Quinax;
  • Okulochel;
  • Oftolik;
  • Optiv;
  • Oftan Katahrom;
  • Teardrop;
  • Cytochrome C;
  • Emoxipin;
  • Etadenetc.

For children

Taufon drops, due to insufficient experience in pediatrics, are not prescribed until 18 years of age.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

Experience application in periods breastfeeding and of pregnancylimited, in connection with which, during these periods, it is possible to prescribe drops only with extreme caution and taking into account all assumed risks.

Reviews about Taufon

Medicinal drops based taurineapply in ophthalmic practice quite a long time ago and successfully, in connection with which, the reviews of doctors about Taufon are purely positive. If the patient complies with all the recommendations of the doctor, this drug shows excellent treatment results for all the above indications.

Like doctors, the majority of patients who use Taufon eye drops for one reason or another consider the drug to be trustworthy. Reviews of patients note a fairly quick and effective action of the drops, as well as the practical absence of side effects.

Among the reviews of Taufon, you can often find a positive assessment of the drug in the treatment of children, which, consistent with contraindications to its use (up to 18 years), raises a logical question for parents, is it possible to drip it for children? It is worth noting that in the instructions for the drug, one of the contraindications is indeed the age of up to 18 years, but this recommendation concerns the lack of studies conducted specifically by Taufon. As stated earlier, the active ingredient in the drug is taurineIt is used quite successfully both for the treatment of adults and for the treatment of pediatric patients. Given this experience, when prescribing treatment, some doctors prescribe Taufon drops for children. In this case, you should probably rely on the opinion of the pediatrician and follow his recommendations.

Taufon price where to buy

Recently, the cost of some drugs has increased slightly, Taufon eye drops are no exception, the price of which varies depending on the number of units in the package and their volume.

The price of Taufon in Russian pharmacies for 5 ml No. 1 is 90-100 rubles.

Drops for eyes of 10 ml No. 1 can be bought for 110-130 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


  • Taufon drops hl. 4% 10ml n1 (fl-cap) FSUE Mosk.endocrine plant101 rub.order
  • Taufon tabs lutein tab. n / a captive. No. 30OAO Pharmstandard-UfaVITA235 rub.order
  • Taufon tabs lutein tab. n / a captive. No. 60OAO Pharmstandard-UfaVITA335 rub.order

Pharmacy Dialog

  • Taufon dropper bottle 4% 10ml 104 rub. Order

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  • Taufon gentle tear eye drops 10 ml Laboratory Edol-Produtos Farmaseutikos 320 rub.order
  • Taufon eye drops 4% 10 ml Federal State Unitary Enterprise Mosk.endocrine plant140 rub.order
  • Taufon tabs lutein No. 60 tablPharmstandart Ufafa470 rub.order
  • Taufon tabs lutein No. 30 tablPharmstandart-Ufa vitamin.for 299 rubles to order
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  • Taufon 4% 10 ml solution PAT "Farmak", Ukraine 13 UAH order
  • Taufon-Darnitsa 40 mg / ml 10 ml drops PrAT "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsya ", Ukraine 11 UAH order

Pani Pharmacy

  • Taufon liquid Taufon hot-smoked 4% 10ml Ukraine, Farmak OAO 14 UAH order
  • Taufon liquid Taufon hot-smoked 4% 5ml №3 Ukraine, OZ GNTsLS LLC 16 UAH order
  • Taufon liquid Taufon hot-smoked 4% 10ml №1 Ukraine, OZ GNTsLS LLC 10 UAH order
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  • Taufon 4% 15 ml eye drop LeKos (Kazakhstan) 280 tg.order
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