Oftan Idou


One milliliter of Oftan Idu contains 1 mg idoxuridine, boric acid, benzalkonium chloride and water for injection.

Release form

The medicine is released in plastic bottles with a dropper, with a volume of 10 ml, one bottle in a box. Content - a clear solution without color and odor.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Having penetrated the body, a substance idoxuridine undergoes a reaction phosphorylation and wilts in DNA malicious agent (the virus) Structure deoxyribonucleic acid becomes unstable, it becomes easier to destroy it. Transcription Disruption Occurs DNA at mRNA, the resulting viral proteins are defective.

Oftan Idu is active against viruses containing DNAsuch as herpes simplex, chickenpox, adenoviruses, papillomaviruses, poxviruses etc.

The drug is poorly overcome cornea. With systemic administration, the substance is able to metabolize within a few minutes to ioduracil, uracil and iodide.

Indications for use

The medicine is prescribed:

  • at keratoconjunctivitis and keratitisthe causative agent of which is herpes virus;
  • for the treatment of other infectious lesions of the cornea;
  • at tree ulcer cornea eyes.


The drug is contraindicated in allergies on any of the components of the product, with shave and deep forms keratitis.

Side effects

It should be noted that the medicine is quite toxic.

With topical administration of Oftan Idu, the following are possible:

  • pain and irritation, swelling and inflammation of the eyelids;
  • itching, photophobia;
  • in a couple of days, point lesions may occur on the cornea of ​​the eye, which themselves pass after the drug is stopped;
  • the emergence of new drug resistant strains;
  • blepharitis, problems with accommodation;
  • keratitis, scars on conjunctiva;
  • contact dermatitis and follicular dermatitis;
  • increased lacrimation, opacification epithelial tissueon the cornea.

Instructions for use (method and dosage)

The drug is prescribed conjunctival.

According to the instructions for Oftan Ida, one drop should be taken every 60 minutes during the day and every 120 minutes at night. If there are improvements, then the frequency of administration can be reduced to 2 hours in the afternoon and 4 at night.

The duration of treatment is from 3 to 5 days until complete recovery. To confirm complete healing use fluorescein.

Drops can be used no more than 21 days.


In case of an overdose, an increase in the incidence of adverse reactions is possible.

Due to the fact that the drug is poorly exposed systemic absorption and, having penetrated the bloodstream, it is immediately converted to other substances, severe consequences after an overdose do not arise.


The combination of Oftan I go with glucocorticosteroidsincreases the risk of side effects and reduces the effectiveness idoxuridine.

When combined with boric acid probability of development conjunctivitis significantly increased.

Terms of sale

On prescription.

Storage conditions

The medicine is stored in a cool place, at a temperature not lower than 8 and not higher than 15 degrees Celsius.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

2 years.

After opening the bottle with the medicine, you can use it for no more than 30 days.

Special instructions

Before instillation, contact lenses should be removed and put on after 15 minutes.

If photophobia develops while taking the drug, you should wear sunglasses and, if possible, not be in bright light.

The medicine is not prescribed for small and newborn children.

If the patient has deep lesions of the cornea, then taking the drug may slow the healing process.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:FlorenalOphthalmoferonOxolinOxolinic OintmentZirganMidday

Ophthalmoferon, Midday, Aktipol.


Reviews about Oftan Idou are very good. However, some complain of relapses. viral keratitis, the drug is not available in all pharmacies.

Price Oftan Idu

The price of the medicine is approximately 250 rubles per bottle.

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