Glucophage Long


Long-acting tablets contain 500 or 750 mg of active substance - metformin hydrochloride.

Additional components: sodium carmellose, hypromellose 2910 and 2208, MCC, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Glucophage Long is available in the form of sustained-release tablets, which are packaged in 15 pieces per blister, 2 or 4 blisters per pack.

Pharmachologic effect

The drug has hypoglycemiceffect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Metformin is an biguanidefrom hypoglycemic effectable to lower concentration glucose in the blood plasma. However, it does not stimulate the production of insulintherefore does not cause hypoglycemia. During treatment, peripheral receptors become more sensitive to insulin, and glucose utilization by cells increases. Liver glucose synthesis is reduced due to inhibition of glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis. Delayed absorption of glucose in the digestive tract.

The active component of the drug stimulates the production of glycogen by acting on glycogen synthase. Increases the transport capacity of any membrane glucose transporters.

In the treatment metformin patients retain body weight or notice a moderate decrease. The substance has a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism: decreasing the level of total cholesterol triglycerides and LDL.

Long-acting tablets are characterized by delayed absorption. Therefore, the therapeutic effect persists for at least 7 hours. The absorption of the drug does not depend on food and does not cause cumulation. Insignificant binding to plasma proteins is noted. Metabolism occurs without the formation of metabolites. Excretion of components occurs in an unchanged form with the help of the kidneys.

Indications for use

Glucophage Long is prescribed for type 2 diabetes in adult patients with obesity in cases of ineffective diets and physical activity such as:

  • monotherapy;
  • combined treatment with other hypoglycemic drugs or insulin.


The drug is not prescribed for:

  • sensitivityto metformin and other components;
  • diabetic ketoacidosis, precoma, coma;
  • impaired or insufficient kidney or liver function;
  • acute forms of various diseases;
  • extensive injuries and operations;
  • chronic alcoholismalcohol intoxication;
  • pregnancy
  • lactic acidosis;
  • use 48 hours before or after radioisotope or x-ray studies involving the introduction of an iodine-containing contrast medium;
    hypocaloric diets;
  • less than 18 years old.

Caution when prescribing this drug should be exercised in relation to elderly patients, people performing heavy physical work, as this can cause development lactic acidosisin the treatment of lactating women.

Side effects

During drug therapy, development is possible lactic acidosis, megaloblastic anemia, decreased absorption of vitamin B12.

Also, disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system are not excluded - a change in taste, gastrointestinal tract activity - nausea, vomiting, pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Typically, these symptoms are disturbing at the beginning of treatment and gradually disappear. To prevent their development, patients are advised to take metformin together or immediately after eating.

In rare cases, abnormalities in the activity of the liver and bile, a manifestation of skin allergic reactions.

Instructions for use Glucofage Long (Method and dosage)

The tablets are intended for oral administration as a whole with a small amount of liquid. It is recommended to do this daily during dinner.

According to the instructions for use, the dosage selection of tablets of prolonged action is carried out individually for a particular patient, taking into account indicators of blood glucose concentration.

Glucophage Long 750 mg and 500 mg can be prescribed both as mono-and combination therapy. In this case, it is important to strictly observe the established dosages and regularly monitor the level of sugar in the blood.


Reception metformin at a dosage of less than 85 g does not cause the development of hypoglycemia. But the likelihood of development remains lactic acidosis.
When symptoms of lactic acidosis are manifested, it is necessary to immediately stop taking the medicine, in a hospital, determine the concentration of lactate, with a clarification of the diagnosis. The effectiveness of the procedure for removing lactate and metformin from the body using hemodialysis is noted. Concomitant symptomatic therapy is also performed.


Development lactic acidosis It can cause a combination of the drug with iodine-containing radiopaque agents. Therefore, for 48 hours before and after a radiological examination using iodine-containing radiopaque, the abolition of Glucophage Long is recommended.

The simultaneous use of drugs with indirect hyperglycemic effect - hormonal drugs or tetracosactideas well as β2-adrenergic agonists, danazol, chlorpromazine and diureticsmay affect the concentration of glucose in the blood. Therefore, it is necessary to control its indicators, and if necessary, carry out a dosage adjustment.

In addition, in the presence of renal failure diureticspromote development lactic acidosis. Combination with sulfonylureas, acarbose, insulin, salicylates often causes hypoglycemia.

Combinations with amiloride, digoxin, morphine, procainamide, quinidine, quinine, ranitidine, triamteren, trimethoprimand vancomycin, which are secreted in the renal tubules, enter into competition with metformin for tubular transport, which increases its concentration.

Terms of sale

In pharmacies, Glucofage Long is available on prescription.

Storage conditions

A dark, cool place inaccessible to children is intended for storage of tablets.

Shelf life

3 years.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:BagometDiaforminMetforminFormethineGlyforminGlucophageSiofor

The main analogues of this drug: Bagomet, Glycon, Glyformin, Glyminfor, Langerine, Metospanin, Metadiene, Metformin, Siafor and others.


Alcohol use increases the likelihood of developing lactic acidosis in acute alcohol intoxication. The strengthening effect was observed during fasting, following a low-calorie diet, and the presence of liver failure. Therefore, alcohol consumption during treatment should be discarded.

Glucophage Reviews

Quite often, patients leave reviews about Glucofage Long 750 mg, since this dosage is prescribed during treatment type 2 diabetes at its middle stage. In this case, most patients note a sufficient effectiveness of the drug. Often there are reports that when this medicine was taken by diabetics with high body weight, then later they noticed a moderate decrease in weight to more acceptable indicators.

As for Glucofage xr 500, then a medicine in this dosage can be prescribed at the initial stage of treatment. In the future, a gradual increase in dose is allowed until the selection is most effective.

It should be noted that only a specialist can prescribe any hypoglycemic drugs. In addition to competent medical treatment, the doctor will recommend changes in nutrition, physical exercises, which should be an integral part of the life of people suffering from diabetes. Only this approach will ensure a normal quality of life and not so acutely feel all the undesirable symptoms of this violation.

Price Glucophage Long, where to buy

The price of Glucophage Long 500 mg for 30 pieces per pack is 270-300 rubles.

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