One Atacand tablet contains 8, 16, 32 mg cilexetil candesartan.

Excipients: hyprolose, calcium carboxymethyl cellulose, lactose monohydratedye red iron oxide, corn starch, magnesium stearate, macrogol.

Release form

Atacand tablets are usually pink in color, biconvex, round, serif and patterned on one edge.

14 tablets in a blister. Two blisters in a package of paper.

Pharmachologic effect

Type 2 angiotensin receptor antagonist.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Atacand - is an antagonist of angiotensin type 2 receptors and, therefore, antihypertensive agent. It blocks type 1 angiotensin receptors, which leads to suppression of the effects of type 2 angiotensin (vasoconstrictor effect, stimulation of aldosterone synthesis and cell growth, regulation of water-salt metabolism). Antihypertensive effect It is associated with a decrease in peripheral vascular resistance without increasing the heart rate.
The drug does not suppress angiotensin converting enzyme. It does not affect other receptors or ion channels.


The maximum concentration in the blood occurs after 3.5 hours. Interaction binding with blood proteins - 99.8%. A small part of the drug (20-30%) is metabolized in the liver with the release of an inactive metabolite.

The half-life is 9 hours. It is excreted by the kidneys and with bile. After one dose for three days, about 90% of the dose taken is excreted.

Indications for use

  • Arterial hypertension.


  • Cholestasis or severe liver failure.
  • Hypersensitivity to candesartan.
  • Pregnancy or lactation.

Side effects

  • From the nervous system: dizziness.
  • From the respiratory system: flu-like symptoms, cough, rhinitis, pharyngitisan increase in the frequency of occurrence respiratory infections.
  • From the digestive system: abdominal pain.
  • From the circulatory system: swelling.
  • Other: lumbalgia.

Instructions for use Atacand (Method and dosage)

Instructions for use Atacand prescribes to take the drug orally 1 time per day. The initial dose is 4 mg, the standard dose is 8 mg, the highest is 16 mg.

For people with liver or kidney damage, the initial dose is 2 mg.


Symptoms: probably the main symptom of an overdose will be dizziness and symptomatic hypotension. In a number of cases of overdose (taking up to 672 mg of the drug), recovery is reported without consequences.

Therapy: symptomatic, monitoring of vital signs, lying position with raised legs. Infusion sometimes required saline. Candesartan not displayed hemodialysis.


Clinically significant interactions with Ghydrochlorothiazide, digoxin, warfarin, oral contraceptives, nifedipine, glibenclamide and Enalapril not found.

Significant interactions:

  • from potassium-sparing diuretics, salt substitutes with potassiumpotassium preparations potassium content may increase;
  • from lithium-containing agents, lithium content may increase;
  • from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs there may be a decrease antihypertensive effect, increased risk of kidney damage, increased potassium in the blood in people with already weakened kidney function.

Terms of sale

Atacand can be obtained by prescription.

Storage conditions

Store at temperatures up to 30 degrees. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

36 months.

Special instructions

When used correctly, Atakand does not significantly affect the ability to drive.

Analogs Atakanda

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:TelmisartanIrbesartanPresartanNortianCandesartanCozaarAprovelTevetenBlocktranCardosalValsartanLosartanDiovanMikardisVasarWalsLoristaLozapCandesar

The most famous analogues of Atakanda: Advant, Ira Sanovel, Candecor, Candesar, Cantab, Heathard.

For children

The effectiveness and safety of use in this group of individuals has not been established.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

During the period pregnancythe use of the drug is contraindicated. Not recommended during the period lactation.

Atakanda reviews

Reviews about Atakanda are generally comparable to reviews about other drugs from this group: satisfactory effectiveness, side effects are rare.

Price Atakanda, where to buy

The price of Atakand 16 mg No. 28 in Russia is 1295-1454 rubles, and in Ukraine the average price of this form of release is 494 hryvnias.

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