The active substances in one candle Viburkola contains:

  • Chamomilla recutita - 1.1 milligrams;
  • Atropa belladonna - 1.1 milligrams;
  • Plantago major - 1.1 milligrams;
  • Solanum dulcamara - 1.1 milligrams;
  • Pulsatilla pratensis - 2.2 milligrams;
  • Calcium carbonicum hahnemanni - 4.4 milligrams.

As auxiliary substances, solid fat (lat. Adeps solidus) - 1089 milligrams.

Release form

Homeopathic rectal suppositories with a smooth surface of a white or yellow color torpedo-shaped with a rather weak peculiar "not rancid" smell. There are 12 candles in a pack - 2 blister packs of PVC film containing 6 supp. in a cardboard bundle.

Pharmachologic effect

Homeopathic. Possesses sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant, detoxification and antispasmodicaction.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pharmacological action and properties anticonvulsantbased on activation of defenses (immunity) the body and the normalization of impaired functions due to the plant and mineral origin of the components of the drug.

With febrile conditions antipyreticand lyticimpact unchanged blood circulationas hypotension.

Indications for use

Used as part of complex therapy as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug for treatment respiratory diseases in children, as well as Viburkol candles with teething teethrelieve clinical manifestations of effects with symptomatic treatment dyspepsia syndrome in children with flatulence, at cramped state and nervous excitement.

In addition, it is used in adults - with genital inflammationwomen.


Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug.

Side effects

Allergic reactions.

Viburkol candles, instructions for use (method and dosage)

Method of application - rectal. Assign with ARVI (acute respiratory viral infections) and painful teething. The instruction for Viburkol candles for children up to 6 months involves 2 suppositories per day, from 6 months (if body temperature is above 37.5 ° C) 4 suppositories per day, (above 38 ° C) - 6 suppositories per day. When the body temperature returned to normal, the dose is reduced to 1 suppository 1-2 times a day for another 3-4 days.

Viburkol as candles for pregnant- the best option for inflammatory processes genitourinary system, since they are of plant origin. At pregnancy the course of treatment and frequency of use is determined by the doctor depending on the nature and course of the disease. Usually one course is from 3 days to 2 weeks.


Not a single case of an overdose of Viburkol has been reported.


Treatment with other drugs is acceptable.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place out of the reach of children, at a temperature between 15-25 ° C.

Shelf life

Validity is not limited.

Special instructions

Taking homeopathic remedies may temporarily exacerbate existing symptoms, therefore
in this case, stop using the drug and consult your doctor.

For children

Viburkol candles for children are used in the treatment not only flatulence and with teething, but also as an auxiliary component of complex treatment mumps, measles and chickenpox.

Viburkol during pregnancy and lactation

Question: whether to use candles during pregnancy should be decided privately by the attending physician, taking into account the benefits and all kinds of risks.


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At the moment, structural analogues of Viburkol suppositories (identical active substances) do not exist.

Reviews about Viburkole

Numerous reviews about Viburkol candles are mostly positive: many mothers believe that these candles for children should be in every home medicine cabinet. Many made sure that they help not only at elevated temperatures, but also these candles are indispensable for teething.

In gynecology, the popularity of Viburkol suppositories during pregnancy is due to safety and the absence of a negative effect on the body as a whole, and most importantly on the liver.

Price Viburkola where to buy

The price of Viburkol candles for children in Ukraine ranges from 88 to 115 UAH. You can buy candles in Kiev at the nearest pharmacy, as in more than 150 pharmacies of the city the drug is available.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine
  • Online pharmacies in Kazakhstan


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