Bifidumbacterin Forte


The composition of this tool includes a pre-dried mass of living bifidobacteriathat were immobilized on a sorbent (it is stone activated carbon).

In one dose of this medicine contains at least 10 ^ 7 CFU of bifidobacteria.

Release form

Bifidumbacterin Forte produced in powder form in 5 doses. The product is contained in sachets that are made of a combination material. A pack of cardboard can be 10 or 30 of these bags. This drug is also available in capsules.

Pharmachologic effect

This medicine produces a pronounced therapeutic effect due to the fact that under its influence the intestine is colonized by bifidobacteria. Bifidumbacterin - this is probiotic, the effect of which ensures the restoration of normal microflora in the human intestines. Bifidumbacterin Forte - It is an antagonist of a number of pathogenic, as well as the so-called conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. An immunomodulatory effect is also noted, the drug improves digestion and metabolism in the body, normalizes other gastrointestinal functions.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The medicine is not absorbed from the digestive system, it has only a local effect.

Indications for use

Bifidumbacterin Forte It is prescribed as a drug for monotherapy or as part of a comprehensive treatment for such diseases and conditions:

  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • ARVI;
  • foodborne infections;
  • intestinal infections acute course caused by salmonellosis, shigellosisrotavirus infection, staphylococcal enterocolitis, as well as infection of unknown origin;
  • chronic diseases in which the gastrointestinal tract is affected (pancreatitis, peptic ulcer, cholecystitis, diseases of the biliary tract and liver), in which intestinal dysbiosis is noted;
  • malabsorption syndrome;
  • constipation chronic in nature;
  • allergic diseasesin which intestinal dysbiosis is noted;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract bronchitis, pneumoniain which there is intestinal dysbiosis;
  • diarrhea and intestinal dysbiosis as a result of treatment with antibiotics and other drugs.

The drug is used for the prevention of inflammatory, purulent diseases and the correction of intestinal biocenosis in people in the preoperative period, as well as after surgical interventions on the liver, intestines, pancreas. It is prescribed for the prevention of nosocomial infections in maternity hospitals.


It cannot be prescribed to those patients who have intolerance to components medicines.

Carefully practiced drug therapy in children with lactase deficiency.

Side effects

If the drug is used in the correct dosage, according to indications, no side effects during treatment are observed.

Instructions for use Bifidumbacterin Forte (Method and dosage)

Instructions for Bifidumbacterin Forte include taking the medicine inside. The powder must be mixed with a liquid, preferably with a sour-milk drink or dish, and taken before meals. You can mix the powder with boiled water in an amount of 30-50 ml, while the water should be at room temperature.

Instructions for use Bifidumbacterin Forte provides that infants receive the drug during feeding, it must be mixed with breast milk.

In order to prevent dysbiosis, children under six months of age are prescribed 2.5 doses 1-2 times a day. Children who are from 0.5 to 3 years old receive 5 doses of Bifidumbacterin Forte 1-2 times a day, children after 3 years and adult patients receive 10 doses 1-2 times a day. The course of prevention lasts from 2 to 3 weeks, is repeated 2-3 times a year.

For the purpose of treatment, Bifidumbacterin Forte should be taken as follows: children up to 6 months should take 2.5 doses 2-6 times a day, children from 0.5 to 7 years old - 5 doses 3-5 times a day, from the age of seven and adult patients - 10 doses of Bifidumbacterin Forte 3-4 times a day. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment can last from 5 to 15 days.

In the preoperative period taking the drug is 3-5 days, after surgery - 10-15 days, 5-10 doses three times a day.

If there is a need for re-treatment, a new course is carried out 1 month after the previous one was completed. To ensure effective prevention in maternity hospitals, the drug is taken for 5-10 days, depending on the recommendation of specialists.


Due to the lack of cumulative effects, an overdose of Bifidumbacterin Forte is impossible.


If the patient simultaneously takes vitamins (especially B vitamins) Bifidumbacterin Forte, then the effect of the drug is enhanced.

With simultaneous treatment with antibiotics The therapeutic effect of the drug may be reduced.

Terms of sale

In pharmacy chains, it is sold without a prescription.

Storage conditions

It must be protected from children, stored in a dry and dark place. The temperature should be from 2 ° to 10 ° C.

Shelf life

Keep Bifidumbacterin Forte it is possible for 1 year, if the product is stored at room temperature, then its shelf life is not more than 10 days. In diluted form, the medicine can not be stored.

Special instructions

With caution, you need to take this medicine for patients with lactase deficiency.

Bifidumbacterin Forte Do not dissolve in very hot water.

You can not use the product if its expiration date has expired, or the packaging was not complete.


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There are many analogues of the drug - probiotics that act similarly. These are medicines Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform, Beefinorm, Biolact etc. Their composition includes live bifidobacteria, which are able to suppress the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

For children

For the purpose of both treatment and prevention, for children, the drug is prescribed from birth. It is important to strictly adhere to the dosage described in the instructions.


Bifidumbacterin Fortefor newborns, intestinal dysbiosis can be used if necessary. It is important to clearly adhere to the treatment regimen that is used for newborns. Use the product only as directed by the doctor.

During pregnancy and lactation

The medicine can be used to treat pregnant and nursing mothers if there is evidence, and the doctor prescribes such treatment.

Reviews on Bifidumbacterin Forte

Reviews of the drug indicate that it effectively copes with the symptoms of dysbiosis, both in children of all ages and in adults. Reviews of doctors say that after a course of treatment with this medicine, not only the digestive tract improves, but also the general condition of the body, in particular, the condition of the skin.

Price Bifidumbacterin Forte, where to buy

On average, the price of this drug in powder is 130 rubles per 10 pcs. The price of the medicine in capsules is 150 rubles. for 10 pcs.

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