Mometasone Furoat


One gram of cream contains 1 mg of active ingredient mometasone furoate+ additional ingredients (hexylene glycol, titanium dioxide, aluminum starch octenyl succinate salt, water, white petrolatum, glyceryl monostearate, macrogol cetostearyl ether, white wax, diluted phosphoric acid).

One gram of ointment contains: 1 mg mometasone furoate, white wax, white petrolatum, propylene glycol mono-palmitostearate, hexylene glycol, water, diluted phosphoric acid.

Release form

Cream and ointment are white or almost white. They are produced in tubes of 15 grams, in a cardboard package 1 tube.

The spray is produced in plastic bags, 200 or 500 grams, with an aluminum drum at the end.

Pharmachologic effect

Anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive, antiexudative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Mometasone - synthetic glucocorticosteroid. The drug is used for topical use. In this case, the systemic effect of the drug does not appear, the drug narrows the blood vessels, relieves inflammation and itching. The tool also has antiexudative and anti-allergic effect.

The active ingredient inhibits the production process. mediators inflammatory process (prostaglandins), simultaneously increases the secretion of the inhibitor phospholipase A - lipomodulin.

The drug reduces granulation and infiltrationallergic reactions do not occur.

The medicine acts mainly locally. Its systemic absorption is extremely small.

Indications for use

A cream and ointment agent is prescribed for treatment dermatoses, hyperkeratoses: eczema, psoriasis, atopic and seborrheic dermatitis.

Intranasally, the drug is used for allergic rhinitis (treatment and prevention), exacerbation of sinusitis.


The medicine is not used:

  • in the presence of reactions hypersensitivity on the components of the product;
  • at tuberculosis;
  • hay fever (children under 18 years old);
  • for children under 2 years old;
  • at fungal, bacterial or viral systemic infection;
  • if a recent nose injury or surgery has been performed;
  • with a disease caused by Herpes simplex, with a lesion in the eye area.

Side effects

For local use, itching, burning sensation, paresthesia, rashes, the appearance of hair on the treated area, the appearance stri, prickly heat, folliculitis.

When using intranasally: itching, dry mucous membrane, fungus, bronchospasm, irritation.

Instructions for Mometasone (Method and dosage)

Depending on the dosage form used, the disease and its severity, the method of application and dosage are very different and must be determined by the attending physician.

Mometasone ointment, instructions for use

An ointment or cream is applied in a thin layer to the affected area, once a day. The course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor.

Spray instruction

One click on the applicator releases 100 mg of the drug.

For adults and children over 12 years of age, it is recommended to do 2 inhalations in each nostril, 1 time per day. The daily dosage is 200 mcg of spray. The maximum is 400 mcg.

As a prophylaxis, 1 inhalation per day is prescribed.

For children from 2 to 11 years, the maximum daily dosage is 100 mcg.


With an overdose, development is likely hypercorticism. Blood clots may be released from the nose.

In case of an overdose, you should stop taking the drug, if there is an urgent need to correct the electrolyte imbalance.


Cases of drug interactions are not described. The drug is incompatible with alkali.

Terms of sale

On prescription.

Storage conditions

In a cool place, away from children. Avoid exposing the spray can to fire.

Shelf life

3 years.

Special instructions

If the patient has previously taken systemic corticosteroids, and then switched to an inhalation form, special care should be taken. Significantly increased risk of adrenal insufficiency. It should be remembered that to restore the body, after taking systemic GKSIt may take 2-3 months.

With prolonged and systematic use of the drug, you need to periodically conduct an examination with a doctor.

The drug can not be used to quickly stop bronchospasm.

When using the drug, it is not recommended to contact patients chickenpox, measles or other severe infections due to a strong decline immunity. This is especially true for children under 18 years of age.

In principle, the treatment should use the minimum effective dosage, in order to avoid suppression hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system.

When children take the drug, a delay in physical development is possible.


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The closest analogues: Momat, Nasonex, Elokom, Uniderm, Twistheiler, Mometasone.

During pregnancy and lactation

Consult a physician.


Reviews about ointments and cream are good. The tool helps to get rid of skin rashes, a noticeable effect occurs after 10 days of use. However, according to some reports, the drug is addictive and with prolonged use there is a need to increase the dosage. Also, the drug sometimes causes burns when interacting with ultraviolet radiation.

Mometasone Price

It is currently difficult to determine the price of Mometasone Furoat spray and the price of Mometasone Furoat in the form of a cream.

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