Knee pain

Occasionally knee pain many people feel it during bending. Sometimes there is pain in the knee when walking. This is quite logical, because the knee joints almost always have a large load. Therefore, they are one of the most vulnerable joints in the human body. But still, you should know when and for what reasons there is pain in the knee, and how to get rid of it.

How does knee pain manifest?

Pain in the knee can manifest itself in different ways. First of all, their intensity depends on the type of damage, as well as its severity. Sometimes a person complains that after intense sports training, aching knee pain began to appear at night, or that minor pain develops during physical exertion. However, a little later a person may begin to be bothered by a constant severe pain, both in the knee and behind. Therefore, it is important to determine the causes of aching pain at the initial stage. Sometimes, in order to relieve pain, it is enough to carry out some procedures. But in case of rupture of ligaments or tendons, as a rule, surgical treatment is indispensable. In any case, if a person has a severe knee pain, one should not expect the symptom to disappear on its own. But before deciding what to do and how to treat pain, you should conduct the correct diagnosis and tell the doctor about all the features of pain. First of all, you need to report whether the knee hurts when bending, whether the pain or discomfort at night bothers, whether pain below the knees manifests itself, etc.

When does knee pain develop?

The causes of pain in the knee joint can be varied. A sharp knee pain often develops after damage to the ligaments as a result of a serious injury. However, severe pain in the knee joint can manifest itself in different ways, since the structure of the joint is very complex. There are four ligaments in the knee that connect the femur with the fibula and lower leg bones. When one of these ligaments breaks, acute pain occurs in the area that was injured. This most often happens in athletes. In this case, pain for a long time worries a person when walking, and during running discomfort remains even longer.

Two more ligaments are intersected inside the knee. These two cruciate ligaments, front and back, are connected at the front of the lower leg. When the anterior ligament breaks in the knee, a crunch occurs. Then there is a sharp and severe pain, after which the knee develops tumor. After receiving such an injury, it is necessary to stop immediately, since the damaged places hurt so badly that the knee loses stability.

If the posterior cruciate ligament in the leg joint is torn, then the pain is usually less intense. With such an injury, there is pain in the knee on the side from the back and a feeling of instability.

Knee pain also develops with tendon injuries. The disease is called tendonitis. In this case, an inflammatory process and tendon irritation develops. The causes of this phenomenon are injuries, mainly in sports. Most often, a similar injury, both in the left knee and in the right knee, occurs in skiers, runners, and those involved in cycling. Such inflammation sometimes develops simultaneously in both knees. The patient suffers from discomfort and pain in the patella or in the front of the knee. Most often, there is inconvenience and pain when bending. In this case, you do not need to apply alternative treatment or try to use the ointment to relieve pain. The treatment of pain in the knee joint should be prescribed only after the exact determination of its cause. Only then can we conclude what to do and how to treat the disease. Otherwise, the disease drags on for a long period.

Another cause of knee pain is damage. meniscus, that is, cartilage that bends at the knee joint. Such damage can occur in different parts of the meniscus, but in any case, a person develops a tumor.

Sometimes, when a knee is damaged, fluid sacs become inflamed, which ensure smooth gliding of ligaments and tendons. In this case, we are talking about bursitisin which pain can occur both under the knee in front and behind. With bursitis in the area of ​​inflammation, a swelling appears, redness. A person feels pain when squatting, when kneeling, as well as when the affected knee is extended. Bursitis can develop under the kneecap (the so-called pre-cup bursitis), and when it becomes infected, a very strong tumor appears, general malaise, and fever. If the infection affects the area under the left or under the right knee from behind, then the pain on the inside of the knee becomes intense when a person goes up or down the stairs.

In case of injuries, wounds or degeneration of the cartilage or bone, their parts can separate and be freely in the calyx. A person does not think about how to treat this condition until the free body begins to interfere with the movement of the joint. In this case, pain appears.

When the kneecap is displaced, the person notes the abnormal position of the cup: it becomes perpendicular to the correct position. Symptoms of this phenomenon are pain, bloating in the affected area, severe discomfort when stretching legs and walking. The displacement of the kneecap, which happened once, is often repeated in the future. Therefore, doctors advise doing special exercises aimed at supporting muscles.

With the expansion of the knee joint due to trauma, the knee stretches and can bend in the opposite direction. Such damage is characterized by the appearance of a tumor, and the person is also concerned about pain from the inside of the knee. This injury is also dangerous in that it leads to a partial or complete rupture in the ligaments.

Chronic diseases are a separate group of ailments leading to pain in the knees. At rheumatoid arthritis, which affects all ligaments, including the knee, the person suffers not only from pain behind the knee and in front of the knee, but also from the general stiffness of movements. Deformation of the knee joints occurs gradually, the patient suffers from constant malaise. With arthritis, both knees suffer at once, exacerbations and periods of calm periodically occur. Septic arthritis - a consequence of infection. Its symptoms are pain, redness, swelling. It may seem to a person that the pain is localized in a vein. Often this condition leads to fever.

At osteoporosis, which is commonly called degenerative arthritis, pain under the knee in the back and front develops due to cartilage wear. The disease develops gradually, as a rule, knee pain initially bothers with weather changes in the morning. Later, the condition worsens. Since this disease in men develops less frequently, osteoporosis is often the reason why a woman’s knee hurts.

At the same time, the causes of acute knee pain may be development gout. This ailment manifests itself suddenly with redness, swelling and intense pain. The joints in the knees are in this state for about 10 days, and the state of discomfort releases only after a few weeks.

However, sometimes knee pain is the result of normal overstrain. People who are not used to sports training can note that they hurt their legs below the knees and directly knees after running long distances, as well as when walking, if a person is already very tired. To prevent this, you need to prevent overloads and increase the pace of training gradually.

In addition to the described diseases and conditions, pain in the front of the knee joint may accompany chondromalacia of the patella. Osgood-Schlatter disease most often diagnosed in young people who are actively involved in sports. In this case, the pain can be of varying intensity. Often, a person is bothered by pain in the legs below the knee.

How to get rid of knee pain?

There are a number of general recommendations, the implementation of which makes it possible to reduce the risk of developing diseases and conditions leading to knee pain. One of the causes of such diseases is excess weight. Indeed, in this case, the tension on the knee joints increases with any physical effort. People who are prone to overweight often develop osteoporosis, leading to problems with cartilage.

It happens that a person has a knee pain on the side when bending or in another area after he is very strained muscles with excessive load. This can be physical labor, cycling, or too intense exercise. In this case, it is important not only to give the body adequate loads, but also to provide sufficient rest so that the muscles can recover.

When asked why knees are damaged, experts note insufficient muscle flexibility. If the muscles are too weak or they are tense, then with physical effort and even when walking, the tension on the knee joint is not smoothed. As a result, initially it can be painful for a person to bend and unbend the knee, and later the pain can even become permanent. Therefore, in this case, proper training and regular performance of specially selected physical exercises are necessary for the development and strengthening of muscles.

In addition, knee pain during flexion and walking develops with flat feetif one leg is shorter than the other. Such defects must be corrected with the help of special shoes, otherwise over time the pain can turn into chronic, and it will not only be painful for a person to bend his leg at the knee, but it will also be difficult to walk.

No need to take risks and take part in sports competitions in which there is a high probability of overload. If a person is engaged in skiing, athletics, basketball, as well as other sports where the risk of falls, injuries and overloads is increased, he should calculate his strength extremely correctly.

The risk of injury is also increased if the knee was once injured. Therefore, if after an injury pain is felt above the knee, below the knee or directly in the joint, you should immediately consult a doctor.

At the first manifestations of pain in the knee joint, you must definitely let your legs rest for as long as possible. Via pain medication local use, you can try to relieve pain. But if the pain does not disappear, then you should definitely consult a specialist. Knee pain should be treated if signs appear that indicate serious damage or illness. So, you should go to the doctor if the sharp pain in the knee does not disappear for several days, if there is a swelling and vascular pain, if knee deformation is present. It is important to immediately begin treatment for diseased knees if redness and fever develop, as this indicates infection.

But before starting directly the treatment of pain in the knee joint, a specialist must carry out a diagnosis. Initially, a full physical examination and a detailed survey of the patient are carried out, special tests are used. Next, the doctor prescribes an X-ray, CT or MRI. If an infection is suspected, a blood test is required. Only with the results of all studies on hand, the doctor can determine how to treat a sore knee.

If the knee is damaged, a bandage should be applied. However, the usual dressing is enough only if it was a minor bruise. If a person is painfully kneeling, he cannot bend and unbend it without pain, then a more serious injury can be suspected. In case of damage or sprain, special dressings or plaster are often required.

In order to prevent the development of a tumor during an injury, ice should be applied to the site of the bruise. You can keep ice for no more than 15 minutes, and to prevent frostbite it must first be wrapped in a cloth or towel.

As anti-inflammatory therapy for pain in the knee joints, pain medications are used, sometimes a course of antibiotics is required.

Physiotherapy is also practiced. Some exercises can be done at home, but during an intensive recovery period, the doctor prescribes a visit to the physiotherapy room or gym at the medical facility.

Sometimes the nature of the damage is such that it is impossible to get rid of knee pain without surgical intervention. For this purpose, arthroscopic surgery can be used, the use of which allows the operation to be performed through minimal incisions. With significant damage, it is sometimes necessary to replace some parts of the knee with special prostheses. Complete knee replacement involves the installation of prostheses made of metal, polymers and plastics. Also, in modern medicine, in the treatment of knee pain, some non-surgical methods are used to relatively quickly achieve the desired effect.

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